As a candidate, Duffy Alexander Recruitment does their best to look after you from the moment
your CV enters our inbox, right up to the moment you walk in the door on your first day to work in
an Irish hospital.
Our recruiters guide and support you on CV best practices and give you helpful tips on how to
improve it. They prepare you for your interview and ensure you feel confident & ready on the day.
They guide you on how to apply for IMC, IICMP, CORU and more, even if you are just at the start of
the process, with the use of our helpful guides and booklets. They take the time to listen to your
needs and wishes.
Once you have been offered a role with a hospital, our compliance team will then link in with you to
start your paperwork with the hospital. They will guide you through each step and answer any
questions or concerns you may have along the way.
DAR Compliance helps you through:

  • Verification of Service (VOS) or Letters of Experience – To confirm your work experience.
  • HR Documents – Internal documentation the client/hospital provides you to complete.
  • Pre-Placement Employment Form – For the hospital Occupational Health department.
  • Qualifications (Masters, Degrees, etc) – Confirming you are qualified to do the role.
    Garda Vetting – Local vetting checks.
  • Police Clearance (Where applicable) – Confirmation of no criminal record.
  • Contract of employment – Confirming location, start date and salary.
  • Work Permit (Where applicable) – Ensuring your right to work in Ireland.
  • Visa (Where applicable) – Ensuring you can enter Ireland.
  • Relocation Allowance (Where applicable) – Ensuring you get reimbursement for entitled
    expenses (confirmed and outlined by client hospital).
  • Accommodation – We share helpful guides and booklets which will aid in your search for
    your new home.
  • Flights (Where applicable) – Ensuring a smooth journey and best flight path.
  • Other (Where applicable) – Guiding your through your PPS number, banking, schools for
    your children and more.

Once all your paperwork is done, the compliance team will then link you back to your recruiter, so
they can ensure that your first day goes smoothly!

At Duffy Alexander Recruitment, we always try to do the best for our candidates. If you are thinking
of a new career in Ireland, reach out to us today and send your cv to .
Duffy Alexander Recruitment – putting the needs of our candidates first!

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