Are you a future candidate of Duffy Alexander?


It has been an incredibly exciting time over the last few weeks preparing and getting ready to launch my new business – what struck me the most was setting out what we can offer to candidates and clients and how important this is. So often simpler is better and people thrive on wanting information to be clear, concise and easy to follow. We feel it’s vital that every candidate and client knows what to expect from our service and so for our first article – we are focusing on how we can help you and what we can offer.

Candidates are vital to us here at Duffy Alexander. Whether you are starting off on your career path or very experienced, we want to hear from you and help you get the right role. Here at Duffy Alexander, we believe in building long lasting professional relationships with all our candidates and we can’t wait to help you. Most importantly we listen. That is the vital ingredient!

Relationship building is one of our core values and without it, no trust can be established and with it in place – you will feel well looked after and assured we are doing all we can to help you. The below will ensure we maintain and grow this positive relationship with you, our valued candidate.

We are currently helping Doctors of all grades and Allied Health Professionals across all specialities and we hope you can join us on this exciting journey.

“So often simpler is better and people thrive on wanting information to be clear, concise and easy to follow.”

How we help our future candidates:


    • We provide step by step guidance through the recruitment process from A-Z, providing in depth screening and advice, we clearly explain all that is involved and how we will assist you. We clearly explain what we need from you at the beginning and the timeline involved in helping you secure a new role.


    • CV and career advice / guidance: We also assist you by going through your cv and advising you on areas we can improve and determining your suitability to different roles we have on offer. Ensuring the clients first impression of your cv is professional and represents all your talents. We also fully format and improve your cv.


    • Answer all your questions /take the time to get to know you and your skills: This is vital, we don’t simply send out your cv , we get to know you and your skills. There is no point you taking a role that you will be unhappy in. We match roles to people effectively and ensure you are happy.


    • Prepare you for the all-important interview(s): This is essential and forms part of the service we offer to ensure you are well prepared in terms of information relating to the interview questions, style and client. We leave no stone unturned, the more prepared you are the better you will do.


  • Ensure you are ready for your new role and keep supporting you after day one: It is one thing gaining a new role, but the steps after you have the role and accept the position are key- most people are very anxious before they start in any organisation and we will ensure you are ready to start – prepared and know what to expect on day one. I strongly believe in ensuring we keep in touch with candidates and we are always here to talk with you even after you start – your wellbeing and feedback from your new job is crucial to us.

Please contact us today at and it would be our pleasure to assist you. Alternatively, you can contact Donovan Lock at Donovan can also be reached at (+353) 86 033 1993.

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