Ensuring clients are well looked after and building key client relationships are fundamental to us all in Duffy Alexander Recruitment. When we first deal with any client its vital they know more about us, our beliefs and how we can assist them. This goes hand in hand with our values. They also need to know how we plan to work with them and what they can expect going forward.

I often hear from clients that agencies over promise and under deliver, they don’t feel valued and importantly recruitment agencies do not listen to them. When all of that happens – the key relationship between the agency and client is broken down and three things are affected:

  • The client stops or limits their work with the agency.
  • The agency doesn’t get to work all available jobs as the client is not confident in them.
  • The candidate loses out as they are not being represented in a professional manner.

We want to ensure none of that happens and below are how we can ensure going forward we work with clients that will stay with us and believe in us to effectively fill all those hard to fill roles.

“Ensuring clients are well looked after and building key client relationships are fundamental to us all in Duffy Alexander Recruitment”

For a great client /agency relationship to evolve and work we offer you all the below.

  • We will collaborate with you, listen to you and take note of all your requirements – ensuring we are in a position to assist you and letting you know how we can help you. Establishing clear timelines and letting you know we are actively ready to help.
  • We will work day to day to build a stronger relationship based on trust and ensuring you know you are a valuable customer of Duffy Alexander.
  • We will be focused on helping you and ensure we can fill your roles and get back to you with regular feedback and great candidates.
  • We will offer insights and ideas that may help the process and ensure we not only fill the roles but offer you solutions to fill these roles quicker in the future.

At Duffy Alexander Recruitment we consider trust to be essential

At Duffy Alexander Recruitment we consider trust to be essential. The most effective way to build trust is to be open and honest with both parties in the client and agency relationship. It is also important to be honest regarding why a role has been difficult to fill or why a candidate isn’t being successful at interview no matter what the reasons may be.

All the above are vital building blocks to ensuring success for both parties. The more we help you fill roles , the more work you will give us.

Lastly our compliance team will always ensure not only do we fill the roles you have, but also offer you expert assistance once the role is filled with all the paperwork that needs to be completed.

The following is essential to Duffy Alexander Recruitment when we work with clients:

1. The roles they give to us will be looked after and actively worked.

2. The candidates we offer will be excellent and match the job requirements accurately.

3. We value their business and understand their requirements.

If you would like a unique recruitment experience, please contact Donovan Lock, Managing Director of Duffy Alexander Recruitment and it would be his pleasure to assist you. Donovan can be reached at dlock@duffyalexander.ie or (+353) 86 033 1993 / (+3531) 598 1798

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